What is a Public Adjuster?

What is a Public Adjuster

What Is A Public Adjuster And Should You Hire One?

When you file a homeowners insurance claim, you expect to get paid based on the cost of repairing your house, right? But what happens if you feel it’s not a fair payout? Or what if you’re not sure what’s covered under your policy? What can you do about it?

That’s where a public adjuster comes to help. A public adjuster will not only help you ensure that your payout is fair and accurate, but they’ll also ensure a seamless claim process. This means you’re getting paid what you deserve and avoid the stress during this difficult time.

What Does A Public Adjuster Do?

Working with a public adjuster means that the process of filing an insurance claim for your damaged property becomes completely stress-free. Because their role can cover all the processes, from start to finish:


  • First, they’ll help you evaluate the damage and make sure ALL the damages get covered by your insurance, not just some of the damage.
  • Then, they’ll help you estimate the cost of and time it will take to repair your house.
  • They’ll also help you understand the intricacies of your insurance policy. They’ll also help you fill out the documents and make sure they meet the deadline.
  • What’s more, your public adjuster will also help you communicate with the insurer and other third parties such as attorneys or witnesses.
  • And finally, they’ll negotiate with the insurers and stand by your side to make sure you get every single dollar you deserve.


Remember, since a public adjuster is hired by you, not the insurance company, you can expect a more thorough damage analysis than company adjusters. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be compensated fairly and accurately.

When to Hire a Public Adjuster

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to when you should hire a public adjuster. However, there are a few situations when it is definitely worth considering:


  • You’re filing an insurance claim for significant or high-value damage to your property. In this situation, a public adjuster can help you get the maximum payout for your policy.
  • Your insurance company’s adjuster has assessed your damage, but you’re not confident in their findings. A public adjuster can provide a second opinion and help you negotiate with your insurance company.
  • You feel like you’re not being treated fairly by your insurance company. A public adjuster will fight for your rights and help you get the settlement you deserve.
  • You’re dealing with a complex claim process. A public adjuster can help you navigate the claims process and make sure you don’t miss any important deadlines.


If you’re in any of these situations, it’s worth considering hiring a public adjuster. A public adjuster can help you get the most out of your insurance claim and make the process less stressful.

Without A Public Adjuster, Filing A Property Insurance Claim Can End Up Becoming A Major Headache

Though it is not required to hire a public adjuster, it can certainly make your life easier in the end. So many things can go awry if you attempt to navigate the claims process on your own. Because chances are you left in the dark about insurance and the claim process, at the time when you need guidance the most.


The home insurance claims process can be lengthy and overwhelming. You’ll have to deal with paperwork, phone calls, and adjusters who are working for the insurance company, not you. It can be stressful and leave you wondering if you’ll receive the money you need to repair your home.

This all can leave you mentally and physically exhausted.

Hiring a public adjuster can ease your burden. They’ll handle the hassles on your behalf, reducing your stress level and ensuring your claim is handled properly. From assessing the damage to negotiating a fair settlement, they’ll be by your side every step of the way.

And because they’re experienced professionals, they can put you on an even playing field with your insurance company. They stand by your side every step of the way. They’ll also work to get every dollar you deserve as quickly as possible, so you can move on with your life.

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  • Make sure you understand the claim process and what’s involved
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Don't Put Your Claim Off Any Longer As Time Limits Apply For All Claims

Depending on the insurance policy, time limits to file an insurance claim can vary from 30 days to more than one year. This makes it easier to prove your claim when the damage recently occurred. Also, if the damage is significant, the more it’ll cost to repair because the damage may worsen over time. So don’t wait any longer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide Public Adjusting Services to homeowners and business owners across the State of Texas, including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, and Plano.

We’ll get in touch with you to arrange a free consultation. The goal of this consultation is to help you understand your insurance policy and all the steps involved. Then, we’ll do a thorough inspection to give you an estimate of the maximum claim settlement. There’s no obligation, no upfront fees, and certainly no pressure. Whether you decide to move forward with us, we truly respect your decision.

Yes, our public adjusting services are exclusively offered for property insurance. This encompasses both residential and commercial properties.

Most home insurance policies usually cover sudden events like fire, theft, or floods. However, it’s also possible that your insurance policy covers damage caused over time or due to wear and tear, such as condensation, dampness, or rust. To understand what’s covered by your insurance policy, please arrange your free insurance claim review with our team.

This might surprise you, but independent adjusters are actually hired by the insurance company to evaluate claims. They work on behalf of and are paid by the insurer. On the other hand, public adjusters are truly independent and work solely for the policyholder. They represent your interests and make sure you get a fair settlement.


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