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Why I Became a Public Adjuster: From Tech Sales to Insurance Claims

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The Wake-Up Call from a Burst Pipe

In December of 2022, my life took an unexpected turn. My home in Southwest Austin suffered from a burst pipe, an event that unfolded into a saga I never anticipated. This all happened less than 30 days before my destination wedding in South America.

Despite being insured by Allstate, the response I received was far from what I expected.

The initial offer from Allstate was $20,000 for repairs, shockingly disproportionate to the initial estimates, which soared well over $400,000. This discrepancy marked the beginning of a grueling 14-month (and counting) battle with my insurance claim.

My wife and I were SHOCKED by the lack of coverage. Working with the Allstate’s Catastrophe Team is a nightmare – they basically told me that $20k was their final offer, and if I needed any more money I would have to go into the supplement process. They refused to acknowledge moisture meter readings. Getting approval for a hotel room took weeks and was a hassle. Getting approval to demo the affected areas of the house took over a month.

At one point, I floated over $30,000 in approved costs while Allstate took their sweet time in providing coverage.

This experience made me realize that there is a need for public adjusters. Homeowners need people to fight for them and represent their rights against the insurance giants. The insurance companies have THOUSANDS of employees – why shouldn’t the little guy, the everyday American, have someone in their corner too?

Becoming a licensed public adjuster was never in my career plan, yet here I am, driven by a personal ordeal with Allstate over a burst pipe in my home.

A Tech Sales Guy Turned Insurance Crusader

My entire career has been spent in tech/software sales, a field seemingly worlds apart from insurance. I didn’t come from a construction or roofing background, and I never worked in the insurance industry before this. And I think that’s one of my biggest strengths – I’m not a student of the industry and I’m not doing this to make money, its a passion project built on principle.

The principle is simple – Insurance companies are supposed to deal in good faith, and many of them are not. They’re supposed to care about us, put our needs in line with their own. That’s that they’re SUPPOSED to do. Do you really think that’s happening?

Anyways, my experience with Allstate ignited a passion within me, a strong need to dive into the intricacies of the insurance industry.

It became apparent that giants like Allstate and State Farm, in their quest for profit maximization, were sidelining the very people they pledged to protect: uninformed homeowners left to navigate the treacherous waters of insurance claims alone.

Raising Awareness: The Mission of a Licensed Public Adjuster

Transitioning into a licensed public adjuster wasn’t about a career change; it was about initiating a movement. My primary mission transcended acquiring clients; it was to illuminate the presence and importance of public adjusters. The general population remains largely oblivious to the fact that they have the option to bring an advocate into their corner—an expert who can navigate the complexities of insurance claims on their behalf.


Think about it – do you know someone that’s dealt with an insurance claim? How many of those people used a public adjuster?

Only a small fraction of insurance claims leverage the professional services of a public adjuster or attorney.

Yes, hiring a public adjuster entails a fee, much like engaging a CPA for tax matters, but the expertise and peace of mind they offer are invaluable.

Challenging the Profit-First Mentality of Insurance Companies

The realization that insurance companies have drifted from their foundational purpose—to serve and protect policyholders—has become the driving force behind my advocacy. The focus on maximizing profits and securing substantial payouts for executives has overshadowed the needs of everyday Americans. This imbalance in priorities not only undermines the trust between insurers and the insured but also jeopardizes the very essence of insurance.

Insurance in America was founded by Benjamin Franklin. It was supposed to protect us when disaster struck. It was supposed to be a safety net or piggy bank that we could break when we needed it to. But it’s really just transformed into yet another way that rich people steal money from the poor.

We went from being humans to being just another claim number.

What grinds my gears the most is that they’re doing this to people at one of the lowest points in their lives.

Imagine this – your house burns down and your life is turned upside down. You call your insurance company, expecting coverage. Instead, they start investigating you for arson. This is a reality for many people in this situation.


Empowering Homeowners: Understanding Your Policy and Rights

If you’re reading this post, you’re already taking a big step toward safeguarding your interests. Understanding your insurance policy and knowing your rights are pivotal in ensuring you’re not left at a disadvantage. As a licensed public adjuster, my aim is to bridge the gap between homeowners and the complex world of insurance claims. It’s about ensuring that you, the homeowner, are equipped with the knowledge and support needed to secure a fair outcome.

Insurance is a boring topic. Nobody reads their policy. I’m trying to change that. You can’t expect to learn your insurance policy after disaster strikes your home.

In the journey from a tech sales professional to a licensed public adjuster, the lessons I’ve learned extend beyond insurance policies and claim processes. They’re about advocacy, empowerment, and the relentless pursuit of justice for homeowners navigating their claims.

Together, we can shift the balance, ensuring that insurance companies remember their core responsibility: to take care of us, the regular, everyday Americans.



What does a licensed public adjuster do?

A licensed public adjuster advocates on behalf of homeowners, helping navigate and negotiate insurance claims to ensure fair settlements.

Why are insurance claim offers often lower than expected?

Insurance companies may aim to minimize payouts to maximize profits, leading to offers that don’t fully cover the homeowner’s losses.

How can a public adjuster help with my insurance claim?

They bring expertise in insurance policies and negotiation, aiming to secure a more accurate and higher settlement for your claim.

Is hiring a public adjuster worth the cost?

Yes, much like hiring a CPA for taxes, a public adjuster can often secure better outcomes than homeowners might on their own, making it a valuable investment.

What inspired the transition from tech sales to public adjusting?

Experiencing firsthand the challenges of dealing with insurance companies and the desire to help others in similar situations sparked the career change.


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